Creative BC Brand Assets

The Creative BC Brand Assets can be used for digital and print applications. Please use the resources below to understand proper use of the Creative BC identity.


  1. all recipients of funding must acknowledge government funding as per program and sponsorship guidelines;
  2. all logo applications should reflect the joint logo of Creative BC and the Government of British Columbia;
  3. all artwork must be submitted online for approval using the Third Party Use form, conveniently located in the Quick Links at right and embedded within the text at various points on this page.

Last Updated: January 2017

  • This policy explains how you may use Creative BC’s logos, trademarks and other brand assets, as well as how you may reference Creative BC and our programs and services in text and pictures.

    If you wish to use any brand asset in a manner not provided for or authorized by this policy, please submit a request to .

    This policy is subject to revision without notice by Creative BC at any time.


    It is a requirement that any individual or entity receiving funding from Creative BC, and thereby the Province of British Columbia, recognize the support in all promotional materials with the joint logos available on this page.

    Your use must not mislead anyone as to our sponsorship of, affiliation with or endorsement of your company or your products or services.


    Prominent recognition of Creative BC funding is required by all sponsored or funded individuals and entities, including the full joint Creative BC/ Provincial Government logo (BC Mark). Examples include, but are not limited to: news releases, websites, print publications, promotional banners and advertising materials (both physical and digital), videos, CD artwork, brochures, pamphlets, posters, banners, event slideshows, or activity where display materials are used.


    All applications of the joint logos must be submitted for approval to Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia through the Third Party Use online webform.

    Approval of your submission will take between 2 and 5 business days and we aim to be prompt to respond. Inquiries as to the status of your submission may be sent to

    Creative BC’s brand assets are our exclusive property. All goodwill that results from your use of our brand assets will be solely to our benefit. You will not take any action that is at odds with our rights or ownership of our brand assets. Where used on a web page, our brand assets, as well as the mention of our name, should include embedded hyperlinks to our homepage:

    Linking back to Creative BC

    Creative BC’s brand assets must be used in a respectful manner. Our brand assets may not be used in a way that harms us, our products or services, or in a manner which, in our opinion, lessens or otherwise damages our reputation or the goodwill in our brand assets. In other words, please do not associate our brand assets with any illicit or illegal activities or use them in a way that is deceptive or harmful.


    If your screenshots of Creative BC’s websites contain the personal information of third parties, you need to get the written consent of the relevant third parties before publication is permitted.

    You may not display ad copy on screenshots of our websites.


    Please display any affiliated Trademarks, such as our World of Looks™ name, with an accompanying ™ symbol.

    Creative BC’s trademarks (such as Creative BC, CrBC, the “British Columbia’s Creative Industry Catalyst” tagline, World of Looks™, and any logo versions of those marks) are owned by Creative BC.

  • usage guidelines

    The following two-page guideline will help you understand the applications requirements for the joint logo.


    All versions of the Creative BC/Province of British Columbia joint logos are available in PNG and EPS formats. The EPS versions should be used for all print versions including digital and offset printing. The PNG version of our logo should be used for web and digital applications.

    Graphics Criteria

    1. Logos should appear in two-color version whenever possible. When the background field is light, the logos are to appear in its preferred positive two color version. For dark backgrounds, a reverse image is also available.

    2. To ensure high quality, do not cut and paste graphics, instead, insert graphic files of the appropriate file format directly into your materials.

    If you plan to use the files in a word processing program, such as MS Word, we recommend you download the EPS files to produce the best result. Use the Insert menu: Photo > Picture from file, and locate the file on your desktop. A JPG or TIFF file may also be used.

    If you are planning to use the files in a page layout program, such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, we recommend you download the EPS files. Open or Place the logo file.

    JPG files are provided for online use. 

    3. The proportion (height-to-width ratio) must never be changed when reducing or enlarging a logo.

    4. When only one color is available for use, the solid-color version is provided in both positive and reverse.

    Individuals must follow the guidelines above when choosing the appropriate format for a light or dark background.

    Where the BC Mark appears against a detailed background, such as a photograph, users are required to ensure that the detail and tonal value of the background permit the mark to remain legible and prominent.

    Colors and hues that conflict with the values and hues of the BC Mark’s colors are to be avoided.

    The B.C. Mark and Creative BC logo are to be visually similar in size. 

  • Per the Graphics Criteria and Usage Guidelines, this is the preferred logo to be used on all materials, please use this whenever possible.


    All versions of the logo are available here for download in JPG or EPS formats:



    Colour jpg eps
    Colour Reverse jpg eps
    Black jpg eps





    WG eps

    Grey jpg eps


    Use Vertical logos only when space requires it, i.e. CD covers, etc.


    vertical logos

    Colour jpg eps
    Colour Reverse jpg eps
    Black jpg eps
    White jpg eps
    Grey jpg eps


    Questions? Connect with 

  • Cut and paste the text below into your document as required.


    About Creative BC

    Creative BC is an independent society created and supported by the Province of BC to sustain and help grow BC’s creative sector (motion picture; digital and interactive media; music and sound recording; and magazine and book publishing industries). The society delivers a wide range of programs and services to expand BC’s creative economy. These include development funding and export marketing support for the creative industries; administration of the provincial government’s tax credit programs for motion picture; and motion picture production services to attract inward investment, sustain and market BC as a destination for domestic and international production. The society acts as an industry catalyst and ambassador to help BC’s creative sector reach its economic and creative potential both at home and globally.

    Programs & Services

    Who uses Creative BC?

    We have many different audiences: creative industries (Motion Picture; Music + Sound Recording; Book and Magazine Publishing; Interactive + Digital Media) as well as the industry stakeholders, associations, workforce and policymakers relevant to the creative industries we serve. We strive to connect in a way that is meaningful to all of them.

    Location and Contact

    2225 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6K 2E4
    Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
    Main Office: 1-604-736-7997
    Email: and

  • Recipients of the PSTC Tax Credit

    All accredited productions are requested to include the following on-screen credit:

    With the participation of the Province of British Columbia

    Production Services Tax Credit


    Recipients of the FIBC Tax Credit

    All eligible productions are requested to include the following on-screen credit:

    With the participation of the Province of British Columbia

    Film Incentive BC

  • Congratulations on receiving funding through the BC Music Fund!

    ALERT: During the provincial election period from April 9 to May 11, it is important that you do not mention thank or acknowledge the Province of BC for these six weeks because promoting a provincial program can be perceived as campaigning. (See #3 below)

    Use the resources on this page to use Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia’s brand assets appropriately when acknowledging support for your projects.


    All manufactured and digitally distributed copies of the sound recording funded by Creative BC must acknowledge Creative BC and the contribution made by the Province of British Columbia using the joint logo provided:

    Download JPG and EPS files from the Joint Logo Downloads section. Review the Usage Guidelines and Graphics Criteria to understand how to apply the artwork.


    Artwork must be submitted for approval. Turn around is 2 - 5 business days and we will work to make it as fast as possible! Read about the Policy and Approvals Process, and submit your proofs through the online Third Party Use form.


    1. About Creative BC: Access Boilerplate Copy about Creative BC -- you can simply cut and paste it if you need messaging about who we are and what we do.
    2. Social Tags: For social media mentions please tag @BCMusicFund.
    3. When you mention the Creative BC and the Province of BC, please use the following language: “Supported by Creative BC”. After May 11, please use the following language: “Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia”.
    4. Creative BC Name: For public acknowledgement, the full name “Creative BC” should be used