BC Music Fund

Supporting BC musicians, live music presenters, music companies, and the full diversity of BC’s music industry.

On February 11, 2016, The Province of BC announced the creation of the BC Music Fund, a $15-million investment to support the growth of BC’s music industry.

The BC Music Fund will be administered through Creative BC over the next two years with the goals of stimulating direct investment, job creation, music tourism, increased regional activity and the export of BC music. A full complement of funding programs will stimulate economic growth and activity by investing in BC’s diverse music sector.

Based on feedback from the pilot program and stakeholders across BC’s music industry, Creative BC is launching programs to support the careers of BC Artists, live music performances, the development of music companies, training & export initiatives, research, innovation and the growth of the BC music industry.

Read the full press release on the Sound Recording Pilot Program recipients,  the launch of the new Sound Recording Program, and funding for Music BC.


(programs will be launched in sequence)

  1. Sound Recording Program
  2. Live Music
  3. Research
  4. Industry Initiatives
  5. Careers of BC Artists
  6. Music Company Development
  7. Innovation

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  • 1. Sound Recording Pilot Program

    This program supports sound recording projects at BC-based studios, and is designed to attract domestic and international business to BC recording facilities. Applicants are artist-entrepreneurs and music companies.

    2. Live Music

    This program supports BC-based live music events, creating engagement opportunities for audiences and artists. Funding also supports business development initiatives for live events, such as adding a new stage, new markets access, new revenue stream development, infrastructure improvements, professional development and business travel. Applicants for this program are BC-based festivals, venues, presenters and event producers.

    3. Research

    This program supports the research projects that increase knowledge and inform the growth, evolution and innovation of BC’s diverse and distinct music sector. Research may inform economic impact, new product development, market research, consumer behavior, feasibility for new initiatives, and diversity within the music industry. Applicants for this program are industry associations and business collaborations.

    4. Industry Initiatives

    This program supports industry events and export activities that showcase and grow BC’s music industry such as industry conferences, trade missions, collaborative export marketing, and BC showcases at events. Funding also supports training activities that develop industry professionals’ knowledge and skills, as well as business the capacity of artist-entrepreneurs, including conferences, webinars, workshops, mentoring, internships, or artist development programs. Applicants for this program are industry associations and business collaborations.

    5. Careers of BC Artists

    This program supports initiatives that develop BC artists, funding the creation of BC-based sound recordings and music videos, touring to different markets, and marketing activities including electronic press kits, photography, and/or promotional campaigns.

    6. Music Company Development

    This program supports initiatives to grow and build the capacity of BC’s music companies, such as the launch of new business units, researching/testing new products or revenue streams, business travel, professional development, marketing initiatives, and A&R/scouting.

    7. Innovation

    This program supports the development of novel or even disruptive new ideas such as cross sector collaboration between tech and music, the launch of new BC-based businesses that fill gaps in the industry, and other projects that support the evolution of BC’s music industry.

    Programs launching in sequence between December 2016 and March 2017.

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  • The Sound Recording Program is one of the funding programs of the $15 million BC Music Fund supported by the Province of BC.

    The program is designed to strengthen the province’s sound recording industry and attract Canadian and international business for long term sustainability.

    This program supports the development of the sound recording sector in BC. Record labels, artists-entrepreneurs or other music companies can apply for a grant to cover 50% of sound recording expenses in BC, to a maximum of $75,000. Sound recording budgets must be $3,000 or higher.

    Application Evaluation

    Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a first come, first served basis starting December 1, 2016. Applications will be accepted until funds for the program are no longer available.

    Sound Recording Program Budget: $3 million.

    Application Information

    For information on how to apply, please be sure to read the Guidelines and the FAQ’s for the Sound Recording Program.

    Apply to the Sound Recording Program Now!

    Info Sessions

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    If you have any additional questions, please contact:
    Brenda Grunau, Manager, BC Music Fund
    Phone: +1 604 730 2251