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Windy & Friends wins best children’s app at Kidscreen

Mar 10, 2015 | Interactive + Digital Media, News, Uncategorized

This app, which was developed by Twofold Films in partnership with developers Loud Crow Interactive, is bringing to life the hugely popular and critically acclaimed BC chidren’s book series – Windy & Friends.

A series of 10 interactive- appisodes will be created in total and released in the Apple Store and on Android platforms. This interactive experience combines stop-motion animation with touch interactivity that will captivate the young-at-heart. Children can fully immerse themselves in Windy’s world. Each episode uses everyday adventures to encourage curiosity and creativity while solving simple problems.

Twofold Films is an independent production company that showcases international talent and produces dramatic and documentary films for theatrical release, television broadcast and multi-media platforms from its home base in Vancouver, BC. Loud Crow Interactive is an interactive entertainment and new media company that creates award-winning interactive book apps that capture the fun and nostalgia of story time. They were awarded funding through Creative BC’s Interactive Fund and the Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Fund to develop this series of apps.  Windy & Friends began as a series of books by Vancouver designers and authors Robin Mitchell Cranfield and Judith Steedman.