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New Digital Toolkit a great resource for creators of youth content

Nov 20, 2015 | Interactive + Digital Media, News, Uncategorized

Development of the Digital Toolkit was made possible through the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the Canada Media Fund (CMF), the Bell Fund, the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA), Bereskin & Parr, and mbiance.

The Digital Toolkit provides creators of youth content for Canadian and international markets with a wealth of information about issues involved in operating an online site or mobile application for children, including security, moderation, online payment, advertising, marketing, and personal information. It contains 21 practical fact sheets presenting definitions, excerpts from laws and regulations, and advice from a group of experts.

These practical information sheets are updated on a regular basis, and enable producers and distributors of youth content to offer products that meet the highest standards on the latest delivery platforms. The sheets are available free of charge in English and French on the YMA website.