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BC’s Competitive Edge: Local Film & TV Industry Booming

May 5, 2016 | News, Uncategorized

But on a deeper level, BC’s success is being driven by a fundamental change in media delivery, as any iPad-toting teenager can attest. Gone are the days when big screen releases or network television constituted the bulk of mass-market entertainment; today, venues such as Netflix attract subscribers in the millions, and video games released by companies such as Electronic Arts routinely make more money than many feature films.

Another factor in BC’s success is that this new media is global, while traditional entertainment production was controlled in Los Angeles and New York. “Producers from around the world knock on our door now, for locations, our studios, our post-production facilities and our crews,” says Ron Hrynuik, general manager of Bridge Studios in Burnaby. “The demand for entertainment content has never been so huge.”

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Reprint from May 2016 issue of BCBusiness Magazine.