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BC Company V2 Games Awarded CMF/Spcine Coproduction Grant

Oct 26, 2016 | Interactive + Digital Media, News, Uncategorized

Sam Chandola, founder of V2 Games provides some insights of the funding process and coproductions with distant partners below.

Congratulations on being awarded the co-development grant from Canadian Media Fund and Spcine for your next project Prison Life. How onerous was the application process?

It was actually fairly straightforward on the Canada side. We did the whole application in less than one week. Our Brazilian partners for Prison Life had quite a lot of documentation done, and it was more a case of syncing up with them to make sure both sides were submitting the same thing.

Were you confident of your chances?

We didn't think too much about it. We work on a few things at a time, so the minute we submitted the application, it was back to business as usual. The idea was that if the project goes through, that's great and we get to take a bit of risk with something new. If it doesn't, we already have our existing slate of products that will be launching in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017.

What tips would you give to others in the industry who are looking for funding?

There are several but the single biggest one would be that it's a numbers game. You have to pitch ten times for one to move forward, so always be pitching.

As a fairly young business (since 2013), V2 Games has experienced success. You have released two mobile games: PAC-MAN Bounce and Fantasy Football Coach. What are the plans for Prison Life?

We've had some success in terms of the audiences we've been able to attract for some of our mobile games. Our games just crossed 7 million downloads on mobile. Prison Life is an opportunity for us to focus on platforms other than mobile. We see it as an interesting stepping stone for us to look into PC as a platform, and focus on a game that is premium instead of Free 2 Play.

You will be working with Flux Game Studio Jogos Digitais in São Paulo, Brazil. V2 Games worked in partnership with Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver on PAC-MAN Bounce. Brazil is not so close. What do you hope the Brazil team will add to the mix?

Thinking about it, most of our projects do have partners associated with them, and while Brazil is far, it certainly isn't as far as some of the other partners we are currently engaged with on our upcoming projects slate. In fact, being in the same hemisphere, communication with Flux in Sao Paulo is a breeze.

We find the team in Brazil to be amazingly talented, really hardworking, and brimming with passion. They also bring a great perspective to the game, as the game has been inspired from the history of a real prison in Brazil.

When do you hope to release Prison Life?

Late 2017 – but don't quote me on the exact date yet! 😉

What's next?

We have 1 more project launch later this year, 2 launches in Q1 2017, and a 4th launch in Q2 2017. And that's not counting Prison Life yet, so it's going to be a very busy next 12 months for us!

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