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#Crazy9sFilms17 Top 13 Announced!

Nov 29, 2016 | News, Uncategorized

It's always a challenge to narrow down the Top 40, given the exceptional projects pitched, so the judges have selected a Top 13 rather than the usual Top 12. The Top 13 are:

Director Lelinh Du
Writers Lelinh Du & Frazer MacLean
Producer Frazer MacLean

Two brothers, raised on criminal money, struggle to maintain a normal relationship as one falls deeper into crime and the other's innocence is stripped away by a grim glimpse of his future.

Director Rukiya Bernard
Writer Murry Peeters
Producer/Editor Anika Syskakis

Alicia Tyson, a black cop with idealized convictions of helping her black community has her morals tested to devastating consequences.

Director Lawrence Le Lam
Writers Jerome Yoo, Nach Dudsdeemaytha & Lawrence Le Lam
Producer Nach Dudsdeemaytha

9 years after the 1992 LA Riots, a timid Korean-American high school student finds himself drawn to the unforgiving world of LA’s underground hip hop scene, where he discovers a platform to confront his painful past.

Director David Milchard
Writer Christina Sicoli
Producer Dylan Collingwood

An irresponsible thirty-year-old is determined to prove that she should have been the Godmother of her best friend’s child – at his private school talent show.

Hi 🙂
Director Crystal Lowe
Writer/Producer Matthew Kevin Anderson

A man wrestling with the tragic loss of his wife becomes haunted by her ghost as he struggles to let go and move forward in life.

Director Mattisse Weyler Hubert
Writer Jon Graham

In a run-of-the-mill office building run by God, where the processing of human souls takes place, lowly employee Lucifer and misguided layabout ‎Jesus Christ must stop God's plan to unleash the Apocalypse.

Director Carmen Aguirre
Writer AJ Simmons

Attempting to flee violence, two refugee sisters are pitted against each other in a struggle for survival. What if the price of freedom means sacrificing what is closest to your heart?

Director/Writer Trevor Carroll
Producer Ben Mallin

A satirical twist on the story of a community being invaded by construction crews in an effort to install a pipeline.

Director/Writer Kyra Zagorsky
Producer Janene Carleton & Patrick Sabongui

A young dancer and her uncle struggle with what it means to be Middle-Eastern Canadians in a post 9/11 world after they are victims of a violent confrontation on public transit.

Director/Writer Malibu Taetz
Producers Ema Mac Duff & Marlio Herrera

When a package rumoured to contain the Answer to the Universe is mistakenly sent to earth ahead of schedule, Myra, a novice clerk in the celestial mailroom, must get it back before it changes the world.

Directors, Writers & Producers The Affolter Brothers
In this short Western, a young man’s life is forever changed when he joins his father at work for his first day of learning the macabre family business – undertaking.

Director Laura Adkin
Writers Laura Adkin & David Lewis
Producer Victoria Angell

When an arrogant corporate exec’s life is turned on it’s heels, he must learn to see life from a different perspective or risk losing it.

Director Mike Jackson
Writer Peter New

A man made of wood and a woman with secrets connect online, sharing truths that break them out of the cages of lies that have imprisoned them.

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