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Reel Green announces collaboration with Ontario Creates and Manitoba Music & Film

Jan 19, 2017 | News, Reel Green

Following the establishment of collaboration agreements with Creative BC’s Reel GreenTM, Ontario and Manitoba successfully launched their own targeted initiatives to help drive sustainable production practices in their respective jurisdictions, marking a milestone year for inter-provincial collaboration for sustainable production.

Manitoba Film & Music's Reel Green program was launched in June and Ontario Green Screen initiative was launched by Ontario Creates at TIFF in September. Both efforts aim to inspire, empower and enable sustainable production while also improving the wellbeing of crews and the communities in which they work. To achieve this, each program provides information and access to sustainable production resources, free training and education opportunities, as well as free access to the Reel Green Carbon Calculator.

The benefits of these programs lie not only in these targeted initiatives, but in the potential for cross-pollination, amplifying solutions and inter-provincial collaboration to inspire change at scale. This includes concrete action and policy development around clean energy initiatives like those recently implemented by the City of Vancouver that aim to reduce gas and diesel use by the motion picture industry. Such policies align with other provincial and national mandates to reduce GHGs, protect health, encourage innovation and create jobs. 

“Creative BC’s Reel GreenTM welcomes Ontario Creates and Manitoba Music an Film as they partner to implement its suite of tools and resources for more environmentally responsible practices in motion picture. Together, our momentum in the industry will be even greater with meaningful, national action toward a greener return to production—serving us now and well beyond COVID-19.”


Prem Gill, CEO

Creative BC


"We are excited to partner with Reel Green, Creative BC and Ontario Green Screen on this important initiative. Early feedback received from training participants has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming the industry is ready for change.”

Rachel Rusen Margolin, Chief Executive Officer & Film Commissioner
Manitoba Music & Film

“Ontario Creates is proud to be the lead partner in the newly formed Ontario Green Screen Initiative. Along with our dedicated advisory committee, made up of industry and government partners, we are excited to offer a selection of sustainable tools and resources to the Film and TV sector.  The collaborative partnership with Creative BC, Manitoba Film and Music and Ontario Creates is the beginning of lasting sustainable change across the country.”

Justin Cutler, Ontario Film Commissioner
Ontario Creates