Christopher Sjoholm ~ MashUp Machine Inc.
April 4, 2017
Interactive Fund Recipient 2017

MashUp Machine creates a machine learning-assisted storytelling platform that harnesses the power of both crowd creativity and machine learning to enable anyone to experience shareable, infinitely customizable, collaboratively created animated movies. Their technology weaves new story fragments together, creating a next gen, choose-your-own-adventure viewing experience that is called “Adaptive Storytelling.” It makes a game out of the creation of personalized Hollywood-quality animated short films.

MashUp Machine’s Artificial Intelligence is called “Mashi”. It offers plot, action, dialogue and camera suggestions that users can integrate into their stories or combine with ideas proposed by other members of the community. Users are able to share their work across social media. They will soon be able to assemble their own story worlds, fill them with content, and build their own communities to contribute to endless branching narratives.

Christopher Sjoholm explains, “We believe that our platform has the potential to revolutionize both cinematic entertainment and the way fans interact with the media they love. Fans will no longer just watch stories created by major film studios and media companies, but rather will be able to create their own versions set in the same story worlds, and then share them via their social networks. They will become simultaneously consumers, participants and content creators.”

The result is a different experience of visual entertainment. Media companies will have a new platform on which they can engage with their audiences.

MashUp Machine is currently financed through angel investors. The funds help to further refine their storytelling and to hire additional programming and design staff. They are always looking for users to help improve the system’s storytelling. Visit their demo project at Still in pre-alpha, the project learns from every user that engages in the demo.

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