Mark Ross ~ The Mindful Garden Digital Health Inc.
April 4, 2017
Interactive Fund Recipient 2017

The Mindful Garden is a therapeutic device built on a custom software platform that responds to movement and sound, and uses biosensor input (heart rate, galvanic response, respiratory rate) to trigger a multi-layer interactive “garden” experience that reduces anxiety, agitation and aggression in hospitalized patients experiencing delirium/dementia. The software/hardware platform is expected to be ready for a clinical study scheduled for summer 2017.

The clinical study will provide evidence-based results on the effectiveness of The Mindful Garden in reducing anxiety, agitation, and aggression in hospitalized patients experiencing delirium/dementia. This data is critical towards the timely commercialization of The Mindful Garden and its credibility in the marketplace.

The field of digital therapeutics is the fastest growing subset of Digital Health globally, expected to be a 458 Million USD market by 2021, growing by a rate of 27.7% annually. Concurrently the impact of dementia in Canada and worldwide is growing. Direct medical costs in Canada will go from 8.3 billion in 2011 to $16.6 billion by 2031 as baby boomers age and length of life extends.

By mimicking the restorative effects of real-world gardens, utilizing biosensors customized to each patient’s level of agitation, the therapeutic device will increase understanding in the incidence of delirium/dementia of hospitalized elderly. The Mindful Garden also hopes to reduce the length of hospital stays, and the risks of caregiver and patient injury. The company expects that the resulting financial and social rewards will become part of the provincial and national strategies on dementia care in Canada. Digital technologies play a significant role in healthcare, and The Mindful Garden is at the forefront of this application to dementia care.

Funding from the Creative BC Interactive Fund enabled The Mindful Garden to complete the software/hardware updates and develop enhanced functionality. It will also go toward the Regulatory approval of The Mindful Garden by Health Canada (and approval in US and European Union at later date).

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