Mary Clark & Joel Krupa ~ Agents of Discovery Inc.
April 4, 2017
Interactive Fund Recipient 2017

Project Name : Project Headquarters

Discovery Agents is an educational tech platform that utilizes web, mobile and augmented reality technologies to inspire kids to get active, engaged and to learn about the world around them. Headquarters is a safe online web portal linked to children’s mobile game for “Agents” to interact in.

Kids experience Headquarters as a digital treehouse, with built-in incentives to encourage completion of more real-world missions. This real-world exploration unlocks special characters so that kids are able to compete in mini games, compare rewards and share knowledge. Headquarters enables partners of Discovery Agents to easily provide pertinent information and safety guidelines before kids explore their site.

The reality is 91% of youth play computer and video games regularly (The NPD Group, 2011), and 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese (American Heart Association, 2014). The Discovery Agents platform is an innovative technology that combines a popular trend (video games) and a problem (obesity) to create a compelling solution that gets kids moving and learning.

The Discovery Agents app is completely free for kids at partner locations and doesn’t require data after download, so the barriers to entry are limited to anyone with access to a smartphone or tablet. Headquarters is a shared space where kids can safely interact.

The easy-to-use Mission Maker dashboard allows partners to create their own customized mobile games. With the click of a button, anyone from a teacher to a park interpreter can publish an immersive, customized Mission to the Discovery Agents app. Augmented Reality games deliver educational content in a fun, digital, and gamified way that actives and excites kids about learning. Content input is flexible and easily modified based on the seasons or special events in order to attract new or returning users.

Funding covers the hire of a coder and an artist to work on this project. These individuals become part of a growing and dynamic team based at two BC locations: Kelowna and Vancouver.

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