Scott Amos ~ Monkey C Interactive
April 4, 2017
Interactive Fund Recipient 2017

Project Name: Sonic LED Tiles

Sonic LED Tiles is a modular, multi-user interactive system of illuminated pressure-sensitive floor tiles that allow users to create music and play games by stepping on the tiles.

As with all Monkey C Interactive projects, the company expects Sonic LED Tiles to resuscitate peoples’ sense of wonder and playful spirit in public spaces, as well as provide a space for cooperation among friends and strangers.

To assist in getting projects like this one off the ground, they typically reuse and adapt technology from project to project. The core software for the Sonic LED Tiles is based on a project they completed in 2016 for the City of Victoria: the Musical Railings.

People playing with Musical Railings in Victoria BC - Photo Cred: Monkey C Interactive

Left: Artists Scott Amos and David Parfit of Monkey C Interactive with their ThinkCubes installation. Photo Cred: PBJFoto

Monkey C Interactive is lining up paid events for the project after its completion, including festivals and public art calls. Two more employees are required for the duration of the project. Consultations with engineers and a welder will bring Sonic LED Tiles to life.

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