Stephanie Khoury
April 4, 2017
Interactive Fund Recipient 2017

Project Name: Mubric

The Creative BC Interactive Fund is supporting creative music learning with technology by funding the development of Mubric - software for learning to improvise. The software teaches musical fluency through interactive listening and musical gameplay. The use of touch screens, real-time feedback, and gamification provide an engaging experience that leads to deeper musical comprehension and cultivates a creative musical disposition.

The goal of Mubric is to empower music learners with the capacity to interact creatively with all aspects of music. Contrary to traditional music study that focuses on learning repertoire, Mubric compliments studio lessons or other music learning contexts by providing students with a tool for autonomously developing their musical voice. Students, educators, and parents can benefit from an enrichment of musical learning, made possible by a software platform that fosters creative music making. Communities of music learners can engage in collective improvisation sessions using the skills they develop individually while using Mubric.

Improvisation challenges students to invent, experiment, and move beyond that which has existed before them. It provides students with the creative agency to participate in a wider variety of musical contexts, interacting with other musical genres and cultures. The sense of risk and individual autonomy that are characteristic of improvisation can serve as catalysts for growth, innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. Mubric will provide students and teachers the greatest chance of reshaping music learning into a more creative and democratic artistic practice.

Besides Stephanie’s work as content creator and pedagogical designer, computer programming and UX design form an integral part of this project. Musicians and sound engineers are crucial in the development of musical content, and music experts will analyze and annotate the music.

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