Inaugural Appreciation Event in Fort Langley
July 4, 2017
The first in a series of community based appreciation events took place in the Township of Langley/Fort Langley.

The Motion Picture Community Initiative (MPCI) developed the events to recognize the vital role that BC municipalities play in the Province’s thriving motion picture industry.

Thank you Ft. Langley Community Picnic brought industry stakeholders out to give TOL/Fort Langley a day of family fun. There was a chance to audition with special effects, pose on the red carpet with "Oscar", dunk production personnel, eat in authentically delicious craft service and more.

Ft. Langley and the Township's impressive list of credits demonstrates a significant contribution to BC's "film friendly" reputation for excellence.

The Motion Picture Community Initiative (MPCI) is an industry collaboration supported by: ACFC WestCanadian Media Production Association-BC Producers Branch; Commercial Production Assn. of  Western Canada;Creative BCDirectors Guild of Canada — BC;  IATSE 669,  IATSE 891Motion Picture Assn – Canada; Motion Picture Production Industry Assn. of BC; Teamsters 155UBCP/ACTRA to recognize, profile and celebrate the BC community stakeholders that help make the Province’s film and television industry thrive.