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Q&A with directors of Creative BC funded BC film featured at VIFF

Sep 26, 2017 | News, Uncategorized

Q: 1) What was your inspiration for this film?

A: When I first read the script for ENTANGLEMENT – the word ‘vinyl’ came to mind. I wanted the film to have a decaying sort of hand-made quality to it… I wanted to make a film that was intimate and fragile and magical and weird.

Q: 2) What does the film say about the world we live in?

A: ENTANGLEMENT deals with issues of mental health, depression, and loneliness…  something that is so prevalent in this day and age. We have screened the film at a few festivals now – and I am amazed at the response and dialogue that comes out of this… mental health is something that has touched so many peoples lives and we should talk about it more.

Q: 3) What are the BC elements of your film? 

A: We shot ENTANGLEMENT in Maple Ridge and Langley… I like to go out and scout locations myself to find unique places that inspire the story. Sometimes I will find a location that I love – that suits the look and feel of the film but perhaps is not scripted – so I will try and rewrite a scene to fit that gem of a location. In ENTANGLEMENT I particularly loved the bowling alley, the diner, and the swimming pool.

Q: 4) Briefly describe the appeal you think your film will have for audiences.

A: Thomas Middleditch takes his shirt off.

Q: 5) What are you working on next?

A: I am currently casting a road movie called THE MOTHER OUTLAWS that I am doing with Brightlight Pictures. Jason Filiatrault (writer of Entanglement) and I have a TV series about a girl and her magical Unicorn that we are developing with Thruline and Jay Baruchel. Amber Ripley (producer of Entanglement) and Jason Filiatrault (writer of Entanglement) and I are developing an all female heist comedy called BAD SEEDS. I’m also directing some ads and stuff.

Q: 6) What’s the best advice you could give someone new to filmmaking?

A: You have to make a lot of bad films before you make good ones… so get that out of your system asap.

Q: 7) If you had to describe your film in three words, what would they be?

A: Just. Let. Go.


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