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VIFF Sustainable Production Forum | Recap and Photos

Oct 5, 2017 | News, Reel Green

Reel Green was at this year’s VIFF Sustainable Production Forum! Read on the get the recap on how it went.

Reel Green was in attendance at the 2018 VIFF Sustainable Production Forum! This year the Forum extended to include 2 full days of talks, panels, and awards on sustainability in the motion picture industry.

Reel Green was recognized for its work by Julie Bernard, Manager Production Services, Provincial Film Commission at Creative BC and was a discussion point amongst industry stakeholders throughout the Forum. Another big moment for the Reel Green program was the debut of the “Be Reel Green” video by Jennifer Sandoval of Green Spark Group and Vancouver Filmmaker Kryshan Randel. This video acts as an accessible resource that all productions in British Columbia can watch to kick-start a sustainable mindset and culture shift on set.

Stay tuned for more on the Be Reel Green campaign in the months to come and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @creativebcs and use the #ReelGreen.

The Sustainable Production Forum included thoughtful discussions on sustainable physical production, advertising, location stewardship, Sustainable Development Goals and entertainment, the Hollywood Effect and transforming culture, systems thinking, and disruptive technologies that change the way we work. Panelists featured experts from 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Entertainment, NBCUniversal, the Global Compact Network, Omnifilm, the Motion Picture Association Canada, IATSE 891, MPPIA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and more!


Cristina Mittermeier, National Geographic photographer adventurer of the year opened the Forum by sharing stunning images of her journey as a photographer and how climate change is disrupting human culture and our natural world.  She inspired with the message of hope and encourage us to all act now to reduce our negative impact on the natural world. Life, all life, depends on it.

The 2018 Forum also included for the first time the induction of the Sustainable Production Excellence Awards. These awards recognize productions and individuals that demonstrate leadership, excellent performance, and commitment to the integration of sustainable production practices. They serve to celebrate and inspire those who work in motion picture and to challenge the industry to strive for excellence in sustainable production. Read who this year’s winners are here.

T o punctuate the two-day forum, Jade Tailor, actress, The Magicians,  joined Clara George, producer, and Steven VItolo, CEO of Scriptation to launch the #PledgePaperless campaign to urge the industry to wean itself from paper and go digital.

The atmosphere of the forum was one of excitement and change. Despite challenges raised, stakeholders from all areas of the industry are committed to rolling up their sleeves to see a sustainable future for motion picture.