Local catering business goes 100% compostable!
November 27, 2017
Take a look at this #GreenFilmTip about ensuring the products you choose are compostable and environmentally friendly.

Contamination in the recycling and organics waste stream increases the likelihood that the entire bag of recycling or compost will have to be trashed.

One of the most common products that contaminates the organics waste stream on a film production is cutlery. CPLA (crystalized polylactic acid) or “compostable” plastic cutlery is readily available and marketed as compostable, but in fact, this material is not accepted at compost facilities in Metro Vancouver.

After learning that the CPLA cutlery is not accepted into Vancouver composting facilities, First Take Catering owner Soren Tambour decided to make the switch to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wooden cutlery  which is accepted at Vancouver composting facilities.

Soren and his crew are taking an important step to ensure that their composting efforts aren’t squandered by contaminants and they're keeping the process simple – all products on their line- wooden cutlery, paper plates cups and napkins-  are all 100% compostable.

And because the wooden cutlery is FSC certified, it means that  that they are harvested from sustainably managed forests.

While First Take Catering has switched out the use of CPLA with the FSC certified wooden cutlery, they also continue to offer reusable cutlery on the serving line whenever possible.

Congratulations to the catering team at First Take Catering for being the first catering department to ensure their production’s catering compost stream is contaminant free!

To contact  First Take Catering, please call (604) 802-7002.

If you’re interested in ordering FSC certified wooden cutlery for your catering needs, check out the available products at Sustainable Lockup.