Portable Electric, a Vancouver based company committed to providing clean, portable power, is finding ways to support the victims of storms Florence and Michael in the Carolinas. Forbes recently featured Portable Electric in an article detailing how the company is providing power in the wake of these natural disasters.

Reports estimated that 286,600 North Carolinians were without power in October. The company is working with relief organizations including the Red Cross to see how they can help as the repair phase continues.

Forbes reports that one of the residents in Burgaw, North Carolina affected by the flooding, is looking for cleaner options. “We were using a gas generator to power the work in our home, but within a day I was already feeling sick from the emissions,” says storm victim. Traditional generators cannot be used indoors (due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning), and the fuel itself is not readily available.

Portable Electric provided their VOLTstack to families in impacted areas. “With their help, a 6-week recovery was over in 2 weeks, allowing families to save their homes and begin rebuilding,” he says. “They were a godsend in a time when the media and aid organizations had moved on,” says local resident.


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Portable Electric has been featured with Reel Green several times for their work in providing sustainable solutions in the film industry.