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Participate in the BC Music Industry Studies

Jan 9, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

Strategy 1:  Economic Impact Assessment of BC’s Live Music Sector

This province-wide study, conducted by Music Canada Live and facilitated by Nordicity, will focus on the economic impact of BC's live music sector, by profiling BC-based venues, festivals, and promoters. This will be done via an online survey, a series of interviews, and by collecting audience demographics and visitor spending patterns. It will also make key recommendations for developing growth through programs such as music tourism.

Strategy 2: City of Vancouver Music Ecosystem Study

As part of the Vancouver Music City Initiative, a partnership between the City of Vancouver, Music BC and a working group of music industry professionals was formed (Steering Committee and Advisory Committee). As a result, a music ecosystem audit and inventory, conducted by Sound Diplomacy, will assess Vancouver’s music ecology and its ability to develop musicians, business and other stakeholders. The study will also assess Vancouver’s diverse music communities across genre, ethnicity and sector, to recognize their impact and value across the city. From there, the study aims to create a strategy to help nurture and maintain a healthy music economy in Vancouver.

Your participation in this process is invaluable, and required to collect the data needed to reach our common goal: a sustainable music industry.

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