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Greater Vancouver ranks as one of the top two “best big cities” for movie makers to live and work!

Jan 16, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

Movie Maker Magazine's 2018 annual survey of the best places to live and work as a movie maker ranked Greater Vancouver (comprised of a collaborative group of local municipalities) second in all of North America. Congratulations to Atlanta, Georgia, which takes the lead after Vancouver and New York tied for number one last year.

We are tremendously proud of the many collaborators it takes to achieve this recognition and success — from industry and educational institutions to government and the many communities that accommodate BC's motion picture industry, which provides jobs to more than 44,000 people across our province.

Director Mina Shum contributed to the article, describing Vancouver’s film community as a welcoming place with a strong indie community of filmmakers. She praises the collaborating suppliers and partners who keep things running on time for local productions. “Crews are happy to work on a local vision,” she says.

Congratulations to all Greater Vancouver's municipalities on your shared achievement! Scoring for the annual competition brings into account:

  • a city’s film activity in the past 12 months (number of productions, shoot durations, economic activity generated);
  • film infrastructure in place (number of film schools and VFX houses, film commissions and other non-profits, film festivals, screening venues, prominent locals);
  • broader criteria such as population size, ease of transportation, local and state tax credits; and
  • architectural and geographical distinctiveness.


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