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2018 Creative Industries Week

Apr 23, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

Province of British Columbia News Release

The Province of British Columbia has marked the official proclamation of Creative Industries Week, April 23 to 30, 2018, with a BC Book Day celebration at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

Lana Popham, Acting Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, was joined by Lt. Gov. Judith Guichon, members of the legislative assembly and industry stakeholders, including B.C. publishers, authors, librarians and booksellers, to celebrate the literary landscape of British Columbia.

“I'm delighted to launch Creative Industries Week with this celebration of BC Book Day,” said Popham. “British Columbia is recognized across Canada and around the globe for its outstanding talent in this sector – whether in publishing, or film and music production, or interactive media. Creative industries enrich our cultural landscape and are a vital part of B.C’s economy. That means more opportunities to learn, more good clean jobs, and a better life for all British Columbians.”

Creative Industries Week celebrates and recognizes British Columbia’s thriving creative industries, including book and magazine publishing, film and television production, interactive media, and music and sound recording. Creative industries provide jobs for more than 90,000 British Columbians, and contribute $5.3 billion to the B.C. economy annually.

“British Columbia’s creative industries are succeeding in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace,” said Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC. “Creative Industries Week brings us together to celebrate the many skilled and entrepreneurial people, who are creating diverse content, dynamic careers and global opportunity within our exciting creative economy.”

Creative BC is a provincial not-for-profit agency that supports and promotes B.C.’s creative sector at home and in the global marketplace.

In addition to BC Book Day, Creative Industries Week at the B.C. Parliament Buildings includes a B.C. Creative Industries Showcase on Thursday, April 26. Representatives from film, television, digital media and music will be on hand to interact with visitors, and highlight the next generation of talent and innovation driving B.C.’s creative economy.

Job growth and career pathways will be a prominent theme. The showcase is an opportunity for the public to visit and learn about B.C.’s creative sector. The week ends with the Vancouver International Film Centre’s 2018 Creator Talks Series. 

Quick Facts:

  • British Columbia’s creative industries include four sectors:

    • film and television;

    • interactive and digital media;

    • music and sound recording; and

    • magazine and book publishing.

  • B.C. is North America’s third-largest film and television hub, with more than 300 productions generating $2.6 billion in economic impact and creating more than 60,000 jobs each year.

  • B.C. is the third-largest music production centre in Canada, with more than 285 music companies, 160 recording studios and more than 200 music festivals throughout the province.

  • The music and sound recording sector contributes more than $400 million to the economy each year, and creates 6,400 jobs.

  • B.C.’s digital media companies contribute $2.3 billion to the economy each year, and employ 16,500 people.

  • B.C.'s publishing industry generates $28 million for B.C.’s economy, and creates 6,700 jobs.

  • BC Creative Industries Showcase will be held Thursday, April 26, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

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