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May 24, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (May 24, 2018) –  Today, Creative BC announces the opening of its first two Amplify BC funding programs and the timeline for all remaining program openings and deadlines.

Earlier this year the provincial government announced $7.5 million in funding to launch Amplify BC, the Province’s new music fund administered by Creative BC. The fund will support those working in B.C.’s diverse music industry, delivering four new funding programs.

“Creative BC’s priorities are to unite and champion our province’s creative economy,” said Prem Gill, Chief Executive Officer of Creative BC. “Through in-depth consultations with a wide variety of music industry stakeholders, Amplify BC programs have been developed and will now roll out to applicants in support of B.C.’s dynamic music sector.”

Alex Grigg, Executive Director of Music BC adds “the music industry in B.C. is thrilled with the provincial decision to invest in Amplify BC. These new Amplify BC programs will have a lasting influence – it’s a great time to be a part of the B.C. music industry.”

Opening today is the Music Industry Initiatives and Live Music Top-Up programs. The Music Industry Initiatives program is designed to support initiatives that grow and develop British Columbia’s diverse music ecosystem. Successful projects will build capacity within the provincial music industry.

The Live Music Top-Up program is designed to build on the economic activity generated by previous Live Music projects through a quick turnaround, top-up funding that will maintain and increase the expansion of their live music events in 2018. These small grants will grow success achieved in previous years and ensure a vibrant summer of festivals and concerts for B.C. audiences and artists. The majority of funds for live music presenters will be disbursed in the fall, through the launch of the Live Music program, which will support new and existing live music events being planned for 2019.

The two remaining programs, Career Development and Music Company Development, will open in the summer and fall. Complete launch and application dates are as follows and can be found at

1.    Music Industry Initiatives supports the development of B.C.’s music industry, including training, skills development, research and a new focus on young, up-and-coming talent

  • Applications accepted now until March 1, 2019, or until funds are no longer available

2.    Live Music supports B.C.-based live music events, creating engagement opportunities for audiences, artists and youth to enhance music tourism throughout B.C.

  • Top-Up program applications accepted now until June 30, 2018
  • Regular applications open October 3, 2018 | deadline November 14, 2018

3.    Career Development focuses on emerging and established artists

  • Summer intake opens June 13, 2018 | deadline July 25, 2018
  • Winter intake opens November 1, 2018 | deadline December 12, 2018

4.    Music Company Development focuses on sustainability and building the capacity of B.C.’s music companies

  • Opens Aug 8, 2018 | deadline Sept 19, 2018

British Columbia is Canada’s third-largest music centre, with over 285 music companies, 160 recording studios and more than 200 music festivals across the province. Provincial programs like Amplify BC attract investments and leverage support for B.C.’s music industry, which contributes approximately $400 million each year to the provincial economy.

For information and to apply for Amplify BC funding visit To ensure you stay informed on all the latest Amplify BC news, sign-up for Creative BC’s Music Industry newsletter.


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