Art d'Ecco
June 27, 2018
Sound Recording Program Recipient

Vancouver via Salt Spring Island glam-rocker Art d’Ecco recently signed to Paper Bag Records and released debut single “Nobody’s Home.” This is the first single off the upcoming record to be released on Paper Bag later this year.


Art d’Ecco has been gaining traction throughout BC and across the country for several years with an incredible live act and tunes that play into a Bowie-esq vibe. Often accompanied by a very solid live band and glam-rocker outfits, Art d’Ecco provides both throw-back 70s nostalgia, and modern, boundary pushing tones.


Inspired by months of isolation spent writing and demoing in a cabin in the woods, blending analogue synths from 1970s avant garde pioneers Jean Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, with noiserock bands the likes of The Horrors, Sonic Youth and Deerhunter. The songs for this album were written at Art d’Ecco’s cabin on Salt Spring Island, and produced in Vancouver with Jason Corbett of Jacknife Sound.



Creative BC is proud to support Art d'Ecco as part of the Sound Recording Program.