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Creative BC Launches Magazine Travel Support Program

Sep 12, 2018 | Magazine Publishing, News, Uncategorized



VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (September 12, 2018) –  Creative BC is excited to launch our new Magazine Publishers Travel Support Program. This program provides financial support for B.C. magazine publishers to promote their publications to new audiences throughout Canada and around the globe.  

This new fund will send magazine professionals to select conferences and trade events to secure new business opportunities and have the opportunity to participate in professional development activities. “B.C. publishes hundreds of beautiful, interesting magazines that deserve a wider readership,” said Lisa Beare, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, “This new program will give our publishers more opportunities to connect with audiences across Canada and around the world. I’m happy we’re helping to raise the profile of our magazine industry through investing in this important program.”

Companies with successful applications will be allotted up to $3,000 per fiscal year to attend specified markets. “It is essential that magazine publishers, like all of British Columbia’s creative industries storytellers, have access to strategic marketing opportunities,” said Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC. “This new program will support critical thinkers, cultural commentators and the medium itself to increase success for this format’s unique, in-depth storytelling and distinctively British Columbian lens.”

Applications will be considered from B.C. magazine publishers that are members of the Magazine Association of BC and/or Magazines Canada. “Creative BC is providing real leadership to unlock the increasingly international world of creators,” said Jane Hope, President, Magazine Association of BC. “This outward-looking approach will help B.C. magazines grow to the next level and celebrate the world-class talent at work right here at home.”

British Columbia has a diverse magazine industry that publishes more than 300 magazines, focused on stories of interest to local, regional, national and international audiences. B.C.’s magazine industry stimulates jobs for publishers and writers, as well as printers, illustrators, photographers, designers, art directors, advertisers, editors and retailers.  Covering topics ranging from lifestyle, leisure and interior design to business, trade and investment, B.C.’s magazine sector distributes publications in both print and increasingly in digital, via a variety of web and mobile channels.

Magazine publishing in British Columbia is an important part of the province’s creative economy. B.C.’s creative sector is a major contributor to the province’s economy and job creation, responsible for more than 90,000 quality jobs.

More information including the full guidelines and application details for the Magazine Publishers Travel Support Program can be found at

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