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No Light Escapes

Jan 23, 2019 | Funding Recipient

No Light Escapes is a modern metal meets hardcore Vancouver-based band. They have produced and launched their sophomore album of 8 tracks, The Purity of Grief, in May 2021 supported by Amplify BC's Career Development Program. No Light Escapes released their first EP, Damaged Nation in 2016, along with their debut album The Introspect in 2018. 

"A project goal was to present Canadian heavy music as diverse and inclusive. We continued to present images through our social media platforms that highlighted the ethnic/cultural diversity of No Light Escapes."

They have received press coverage from independent outlets and online magazines, such as Core Community and ToxicZine. Below, you will see No Light Escapes perform their first music video for their third single Cascade, off their album The Purity of Grief.