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Feb 6, 2019 | Funding Recipient

We had the opportunity to talk to the innovative producers of The Cultch’s Soft Cedar concert series! Read our interview and visit the website links below for more information. 

First off,  how did Soft Cedar begin?

Thanks to the support of Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia, Soft Cedar began producing concerts in February 2018 at The Cultch. The project was born out of a simple desire to bring more music to The Cultch’s theatres, some of the most intimate in Vancouver; however, it has grown into an opportunity to fill a crucial gap in our local music community.

Soft Cedar co-producers Corbin Murdoch and Meghan Robinson recognized that many local artists were not able to fully realize their performance ambitions on local stages. There are many artists that are not well served in these venues. Short sound checks, quick turn arounds, and limited control over lighting, sound and staging often limit the ability of bands and musicians to present their music on their own terms.

What else can the artists expect?

Soft Cedar exists to provide support and create opportunities for artists who want to push the boundaries of their performance practice. We slow down the pre-production process and work with our artists to create timelines that are appropriate for the concert experiences they want to achieve. The in-house inventory and expertise at The Cultch combined with the resources provided by Creative BC have already led to some beautiful nights at The Cultch.

Which shows are part of the series?

Our inaugural concert on Feb 2 saw 15 musicians join Khari Wendell McClelland onstage to release his new album Freedom Singer and to celebrate Black History. Next, on March 24, we presented a hometown release party for Hannah Epperson’s beautiful new record Slowdown. April 21 marks a homecoming for Andrew Lee’s Holy Hum, part of a massive North American tour. Soft Cedar continues with the premiere of new music by beloved local band Lightning Dust on June 2.

What’s next for Soft Cedar?

As Soft Cedar evolves, we continue to seek out and partner with artists who want to work with us to create unforgettable experiences for Vancouver audiences. We are a values-driven organization, committed to diversity, gender-equality, and accessibility. In all of our activities, we are committed to upending conventions in order to integrate live music into people’s lives in unexpected ways.

To learn more about the Soft Cedar concert series, visit:

See Soft Cedar in person:
April 21, 2018 w/ Holy Hum
June 2, 2018 w/ Lightning Dust


*photos by Shayd Johnson and Steve Louie