Free Carbon Calculator for the industry
April 9, 2019
Coming soon in 2019 is the Reel Green Carbon Calculator powered by albert!

As part of the Reel Green Strategic plan, a carbon calculator was highlighted as an integral tool to help shift BC motion picture to a more sustainable future. This was identified under the Education component of the plan with a roadmap for roll out.

We’re excited to say that Reel Green has been working hand in hand with the team at one of the industry’s leading carbon calculators, albert. albert is a collaborative BAFTA, indie and broadcaster backed project that provides the film and TV industries with the necessary expertise and opportunities to take action on environmental sustainability. The initiative exists to support the production and broadcast industry’s transition to environmental sustainability, working in collaboration to accelerate the adoption of best practice.

During the rollout of the carbon calculator, Reel Green will identify BC productions to pilot and train on sustainability reporting and calculator use. The aim is for carbon calculation to become standard practice.  

Why a carbon calculator?

It’s a great thing to commit to sustainable best practices that we know make an impact on our industry and the environment. However, it is important to also measure the impact of these practices to better understand where we can do better and make an even greater impact. Having consistent data and metrics from the industry can help organizations like Reel Green understand priority areas for sustainable practices as well as help productions understand and measure their carbon impact. Additionally, with more available data points we can also derive economic benefits of going green on production.

The anticipated roll-out date is targeted for early summer 2019! The calculator will also be a free resource for productions provided and administered by the Reel Green Program. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!