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Amplify will continue to rock B.C. communities

Apr 12, 2019 | Press Releases

“B.C is home to so many creative artists who inspire us all with their talent,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.  “With Amplify BC, we are helping musicians to be able to follow their passions while supporting an industry to continue to thrive and showcasing all that B.C.’s music scene has to offer.”

Through Amplify BC, the Province is investing in B.C. artists’ career development, live music events, support for B.C.'s music companies, and development of the music industry. The fund also attracts visitors to and helps grow B.C. tourism, while supporting related creative industries and small business development.

“Creative BC is thrilled with the renewal of Amplify BC funding from the Province of B.C.,” said Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC. “We are proud to be stewards of these vital grant programs that empower musicians, recording professionals and companies to create innovative projects and foster new talent. British Columbia’s music sector has been instrumental with their continued support and sustained collaboration in making Amplify BC, a crucial resource for emerging and seasoned musicians and companies.”

The Province established the $7.5 million fund in 2018 after extensive consultations with the music industry. To date, the program has helped 33 B.C. music companies expand and diversify their activities, 190 B.C. artists with career development projects, 77 live music events, festivals and concert presenters expand performances across the province, and 37 industry building events and initiatives.

“Amplify BC is a key driver in the success of both industry and artists in our diverse community,” said Rob Calder, founder of Secret Study Projects. “Through the support of festivals, venues, promoters, studios and artists, Amplify BC has given us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and sets the B.C. music sector up for future success in an evolving landscape.”

Quick Facts:

  • 6,600 people work in the music industry in B.C.
  • The music industry generates over $690 million in economic activity in B.C. each year.
  • British Columbia is Canada’s third-largest music centre, with over 280 music companies, 160 recording studios and more than 200 music festivals across the province.
  • The Amplify BC program focuses on four funding areas:
    • Career Development supports the careers of emerging and established artists in B.C., funding sound recordings, music videos and marketing initiatives, as well as attracting national and international business to B.C. recording studios;
    • Live Music supports B.C.-based live music events, creating engagement opportunities for audiences, artists and youth, and enhancing music tourism throughout B.C.; and
    • Music Company Development supports the sustainability, growth and capacity of B.C.’s music companies; and
    • Music Industry Initiatives supports the development of B.C.’s music industry, including training, skills development, research and up-and-coming talent.

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To learn more about Amplify BC and Creative BC, visit:

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