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Jun 9, 2019 | Funding Recipient

Rococode’s strength lies in the contrast between dark and light. Vancouver’s Andrew Braun and Laura Smith infuse their hook-filled songs with lush synth textures and duet vocals, resulting in an infectious sound that Andrew calls "a marriage of our contrasting personalities.” This musical chemistry fuses Braun’s exploratory tendencies with Smith’s razor-sharp pop sensibilities. The pair formed Rococode in 2011 and released the debut album Guns, Sex & Glory the next year. The shadowy Panic Attack EP arrived in 2015 and the sophomore full-length Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon followed in 2016.

Now, barely a year since their most recent LP, Rococode are ushering in the next chapter of their prolific career with a new EP. Laura says of the recording process: "This record was the fastest thing we’ve ever done. We wrote and recorded all six songs within a three month period (whereas our last album took three years) and feel like this set of songs is the realization of a sound and style we’ve been working toward for quite some time. While in the past we’ve had the tendency to over think, this process was a great lesson in letting go and trusting our instincts — and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Creative BC is proud to support Rococode as part of the BC Music Fund’s Sound Recording Program.

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