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Reel Green Partner IATSE 891 Spreading the Word on Sustainability

Jul 31, 2019 | News, Reel Green

IATSE 891, a partner of the Reel Green initiative, featured sustainability on the front of Kinetoscope!

IATSE Local 891 featured sustainability front and center on its winter issue of Kinetoscope! Kinetoscope is a Members Magazine publication.

IATSE Local 891 is a partner of the Reel Green initiative and consists of over 8,000 professional artists and technicians who work in film and television production in BC. The Local supports all genres of production at all budget levels and have made some of the biggest feature films and some of the longest-running and most successful television series ever screened.

Spreading awareness of sustainable production practices within the industry is still key to ensuring we're taking the steps for a greener motion picture industry.

In its issue of Kinetoscope, IATSE 891 published an editorial on the industry ramping up on sustainability.

We'd like to acknowledge IASTE 891's dedication to greening the industry and helping Reel Green work toward its mission:  To enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices in the motion picture industry to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Take a peek at the article here.