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The Phonix

Sep 26, 2019 | Funding Recipient

The Phonix are a 9-piece Canadian Funk & Soul band from Vancouver BC. Since forming in June 2009, the Phonix has performed at nearly 500 events and festivals. They are a staple in the diets of thousands of funk-lovers as they diligently fulfill their role as house band at the Arts Club's Backstage Lounge, where they have performed since 2010. The band’s sound fuses heavy-hitting dance grooves with flashy horn lines, energetic instrumental solos and soaring vocals that will make you want to dance all night. Their music has been compared to the likes of Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson and Tower of Power. “On stage, every single member is equally strong in their musicality and their delivery. This kind of chemistry from a band is a real, rare treat.” – Bill Kolter, Peachfest Entertainment Coordinator.

They released an EP of original music Work It Out in Spring 2017, which is meant to get you dancing:

“The song "Work It Out," is a feel-good song, intended to get you dancing and "working it out" on the dance floor. The lyrical content walks you through a few basic dance patterns from the popular partner dance style known as "Hustle." ”

“We have one overarching goal with all our songs…we want to make you dance! The Phonix has always been a live band with the focus of making people feel good and let loose on the dance floor.”

Creative BC is proud to support The Phonix as part of the BC Music Fund’s Sound Recording Program.