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Tell Us What’s Happening Feature | Joanne Morneau Re-use Ware

Oct 13, 2019 | News, Reel Green

Tell Us What’s Happening stories is a collection of real-life experiences from you sharing your stories from working in the field and pushing sustainability in the motion picture industry.

Reel Green caught up with new Ambassador Joanne Morneau to share her experience and newest sustainability initiatives within the BC motion picture industry. Joanne relates her recent experiences in this “Tell Us What’s Happening” story.


I formally introduced Re-use Ware in 2018 and received a warm welcome from the Reel Green community. Re-use Ware is a local company devoted to transforming discarded clothing, linens and fabric scraps from the BC film industry and thrift stores and into cloth napkins and lunch tool kit cases.

On a typical day, a film crew and background actors literally eat through hundreds of pieces of single-use disposable cutlery, paper napkins, and food containers. Multiply this by the number of films currently in production in BC and the numbers are staggering!  Re-use Ware is currently working with TV Dinners, a Vancouver Catering Company, and the film crew of “Wedding in the Vineyard” to reduce their single-use cutlery and paper napkin consumption.

Re-use Ware has been busy spreading the word through social media and word of mouth. Bringing a lunch toolkit with reusable cutlery and a cloth napkin to work, on vacation, and wherever life takes you is catching on! Re-use Ware is quirky, fun and all about frayed edges. No one has time to bleach, starch, iron a cloth napkin – easy care is the way to go!
Being part of the solution is easy if you make it a priority and aren’t afraid of a little soap and water. I’ve also been busy promoting the Carbon Literacy Course and Be Green Reel Video within the film industry in my role as a Reel Green Ambassador.


Send us your stories and tell Reel Green what’s happening with sustainable production in your world.