Read Local BC's Holiday Gift Guides Are Out!
December 6, 2019
B.C. books that give relaxation, pleasure, creativity and inspiration.


“The most popular reason was to relax (65%). Other popular answers were: for enjoyment and to use their imagination (55%); to be entertained or for a good story (52%); to learn or improve skills (46%); to pass the time (44%); to discover interesting topics (36%); to become immersed in another world (36%); and to escape reality (36%).”...


Books to fill your belly, make you laugh, and help you celebrate.


Opportunities to be creative can be hard to come by, even though we’ve all felt the satisfaction and enrichment that being creative brings. It’s impossible to buy and wrap a box of creativity, but the gift of a book of poetry is pretty close...


This list features creative nonfiction about facing death, (re)building nations, and stepping far outside your comfort zone. These books will remind you that often it’s the hardest things that are most worth doing.

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