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Mark Fenster

Jan 28, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Supported through the BC Music Fund's Sound Recording program, artist and studio owner, Mark Fenster, has released five new works as part of an EP titled "Spark." The release is a concept album offering inspiration on how to improve the world, with songs about the environment, war, racism, and believing in yourself.

The album was recorded at Monarch Studios and Autumn Studios in East Vancouver, in collaboration with producer Howard Redekopp. The recording features a wide array of orchestra instruments and B.C. musicians including Francois Houle on clarinet, Pat Steward on Drums, and his daughter Zoe is featured on some of the vocals.

Approaching the release, Mark participated in a Get inspired Talk, produced by the production team of TEDx Stanley Park at The Vancouver Convention Centre. Themes from the album's songwriting are reflected in the talk. The album and the talk are intended to touch people's hearts and invite them to see ways in which we can live better together and with ourselves – with love, respect, compassion and to share our gifts with each other.