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The Funk Hunters

Jan 6, 2020 | Funding Recipient

They’ve rocked stages from Antigonish to Australia, Brooklyn to Bristol, Croatia to Costa Rica, Vail to Victoria, and almost everywhere in between. Vancouver duo The Funk Hunters have been spreading their infectious fusion of hip hop and classic funk that’s globally inspired, yet quintessentially west coast, to dance-happy audiences since 2009 and show no signs of slowing down.

What began with Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith meeting on Gabriola Island in 2008 and discovering similar tastes in the genres that would come to inspire their music, has pulled artists such as Delhi to Dublin, Chali 2na, Selena Gomez, Fort Knox Five, Imagine Dragons, and myriad others into their projects through collaborations and remixes. Considering their long list of releases, it might come as a surprise that their next recording project, taking place at Vancouver’s Afterlife Studio, will be the duo’s first full-length and will introduce live instrumentation into their repertoire to create a bigger, fuller sound unlike they’ve ever made before.

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