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Illvis Freshly

May 14, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Illvis Freshly — Career Development recipient from Victoria — BC has released their single and video for “Back it Up.”


Illvis Freshly is an up and coming Canadian band from Victoria, BC. The band consists of two emcees, a live guitarist, a live drummer, and a DJ / singer. Their sound is a fusion of live, electronic,and classic hip hop elements, making them a unique and widely accessible act. Jesus Estevez (Doc Zoo) produces the beats, using a combination of synthesizers, live instrumentation, and the classic funk and soul samples quintessential of 90s hip-hop. The newest addition to the band, drummer Mike Cooper, is a karate master; his Bruce Lee level nun chuck skills are matched only by his super human drumming abilities and infectious live energy. Guitar wizard and crowd surfing aficionado Phil Lyons (Phillionaire) is a wildly entertaining performer; he is also well known for his ludicrously catchy riffs and face melting solos. Doc Zoo and Dan Howse (Danimal House), the two MCs, are all about live energy and stage presence, captivating the crowd with lightning fast flows and dynamic lyricism. In addition to spinning beats and scratching, Justin Doyle (DJ Mt. Doyle), has the voice of an angel, singing falsetto leads and backup vocals while holding it down on the turntables. In an industry where it has become increasingly difficult to be original, the boys have created something special with this project. Their sound can best be described as Beastie Boys meets Jurassic 5, with some bass heavy flavor in the mix.