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Teen Daze

May 9, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Teen Daze (Jamison Isaak) is an ambient and electronic musician based out of Abbotsford, BC. Since 2010, Isaak has been creating music under a multitude of different aliases: whether it's the ambient-leaning synthpop sounds of Teen Daze, sun-drenched dance tracks of Pacific Coliseum, or the quiet and meditative folk songs as Two Bicycles, Isaak has created a fanbase around his compelling, melodic and atmospheric works. Teen Daze was supported through the Careers of BC Artists program for the promotion of his 2017 release, Themes for Dying Earth.

Conceptually and thematically, Themes for Dying Earth is one of Jamison's most personal, "much of my work is inspired by nature, and it's scary to think that future generations may not have that same relationship."

With the support of the BC Music Fund, Teen Daze was able to create a visual album for Youtube, as well as work with publicists in both the US and Canada to support his album tour.