The Higher Education Roundtable was started to engage those in the Lower Mainland who are developing the next generation of filmmakers, to ensure that we teach students that integrating sustainability is business-as-usual in the industry.

Reel Green has been working with some of the top academic institutions in the Lower Mainland that offer courses and accreditation in film and the motion picture industry. Educators and administrators have come to the table over the past year to discuss what the current situation is for students in motion picture and where we can go in terms of implementing sustainability as part of their learning.

The roundtable is in the stages of formalizing its goals around sustainable production education with Reel Green and how the academic partners can participate in achieving these goals.

Reel Green identified working with local academic institutions as a critical part of its strategic plan. This approach also dovetails what The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is doing in the UK. On February 27, 2019, BAFTA announced a new partnership between UK universities and albert, a collaborative to tackle the environmental impact of the motion picture industry through student education. This initiative includes introducing a specialist course to 10 Universities, all of whom have entered into a partnership with albert to collaborate on the creation of the content. The course materials will teach the science of climate change, the environmental impact of the film and TV industries, and sustainable production practices that mitigate this impact. The course will also provide access to the albert carbon calculator – also being introduced to BC through Reel Green in 2019!

The Reel Green Higher Education roundtable is reconvening in May 2019 to outline the next steps and formalize goals. Stay tuned to hear who these partners are and what goals will come out of these discussions!


Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter