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Becca Hess

Jul 30, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Abbotsford recording artist Becca Hess has just released full-length, sophomore album Truth on February 4th, 2019. It was recorded at the legendary Armoury Studios in Vancouver with a band of world-class BC musicians under the guidance of Tom and Carly McKillip. 

Supported in the BC Music Fund's Sound Recording program and Careers of BC Artists program, Hess was nominated for both BCCMA "Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Rising Star" awards in 2017. The following year, Hess was added to the Sakamoto Agency's roster in 2018 promote the new record.

The single "Stranded" features BC musicians Paul Silveira, Tom and Carly Mckillip, Darren Savard, Darryl Havers, Pat Steward, John Dymond (Toronto), John Ellis, Britt McKillip, Gord Maxwell and Spender Bleasdale.