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Saint Soldier

Jul 3, 2020 | Funding Recipient

Saint Soldier is a hip-hop artist, based in Abbotsford, BC. His project Dark Shades was supported by Amplify BC's Career Development summer. This video was also created with the support of the community through a Kickstarter campaign. After launch, this project reached it's goal within six hours. Dark Shades is a music video on domestic abuse. The story follows a young mother who feels trapped by her marriage and her abusive husband. Her 4-year old son is both witness and victim to this tragedy.

Amrit Saggu, aka Saint was born in Punjab, India and immigrated to Canada with his family as a child. Guided onto a spiritual path of social awareness from a young age, he has taken it as his life’s purpose to share his message of compassion through music. His songs tackle issues like suicide, domestic violence, gender inequality and street gangs.

Dark Shades was premiered live back in January in Abbotsford as part of a fundraiser for SARA for Women. The completed video is now available on YouTube for streaming along with other videos by this artist.