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Tiny Havoc

Jul 7, 2020 | Funding Recipient

The members of Tiny Havoc formed in early 2015 by colleagues and friends Toga D’Hoore (bass & keys), Arthur Smith (guitar) and Shadi Toloui-Wallace (vocals). The band was soon joined by James Higgins (drums) and Justin Gorrie (horns & keys). Tiny Havoc has a sound unlike anything else, casting a wide net that spans across hip hop beats, Motown funk melodies and jazz soul vocals. An eclectic beat that hits all the right notes, you’ll find your hips moving, fingers clicking and feet twitching to get up on the dance floor and groove when you experience the sounds of Tiny Havoc. Writing, jamming and recording away to release their debut studio album, Tiny Havoc might soon be the talk of the town if this performance is anything to go by:


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