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The Rogers Group of Funds + Creative BC announce the first recipients of the Documentary and Factual Development Fund

Aug 13, 2020 | Press Releases


The Rogers Group of Funds + Creative BC announce the first recipients of the Documentary and Factual Development Fund


Vancouver, B.C. (August 13, 2020) The Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC are pleased to announce the first recipients of a new Early Stage Investigation Development Program, part of the Documentary and Factual Development Fund (the Fund) launched this year by the funding partners.

Thirty-three recipients will be granted up to $7,500 each, leveraging these investments to develop motion picture projects in the documentary series and factual series formats, as either one-offs or series. Funds disbursed in this round will total approximately $250,000 of the total $800,000 investment over two years committed by Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC.

The Fund represents the first partnership in Canada at the provincial level between the Rogers Group of Funds and a provincial partner.

The Fund and partnership are part of the Reel Focus BC suite of programs delivered by Creative BC, designed to drive new project activity in the sector and the creation of B.C.-owned intellectual property for film and TV. The Fund delivers essential support to domestic producers of documentary and factual content so they can succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

Significantly, this round of funding’s key feature is support of individual documentary and factual projects prior to being greenlit by a market trigger, such as a broadcaster or streamer, focusing on needed supports during early stage development with a focus on investment into the creation of high-quality bids.

The Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC are pleased to announce the recipients of the first intake for the Early Stage Investigation Development Program:

1.          Adanac Film Production, Dark Skies $7,500

International Indigenous artists, storytellers and scientists unite in Haida Gwaii to celebrate the night sky as 12,000 satellites are launched, destroying the darkness as we know it, forever.

2.          AGA Films, The Shaman’s Shadow $6,350

A group of environmental activist women reveal sexual abuses occurring in Ayahuasca ceremonies and traditional plant-based healings led by respected shamans.

3.          Amazing Factory Productions, Elliott $7,500

A wild ride that begins with a young US Army Ranger in a small British Columbia town, leads to a Tacoma bank robbery, and splinters off into a web of organized crime, attempted murder and exposed U.S. military secrets.

4.          Anaid Entertainment, Wild Kitchen $7,500

Serialized wilderness survival meets live-fire cooking competition series.

5.         Animal Mother Films, Lost in the Shuffle $7,050

Magician Shawn Farquhar leads an exploration of the relationship between illusionists and playing cards and reveals how he found the clues to solving what might be one of the world’s oldest cold case murders, hidden in among the Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

6.         Anthem Jackson Productions, Lijadu Sisters $7,500

Identical twin sisters Taiwo Lijadu and Kehinde Lijadu stormed the 1970s Nigerian pop music scene. The twins sang from the heart about equality for women, love, dance, corruption, and trouble in the streets. Fans adored them, but their rebellious lyrics also gained them enemies in Nigeria’s male-dominated music industry and from the country’s political elite – and then, the twins disappeared.

7.         Black Moon Media, Lunatic $7,500

She scared little boys and inspired a generation of women, Lunatic: The Luna Vachon Story profiles the life and tragic death of famed Canadian women’s wrestler, Luna Vachon.  

8.         CanazWest Pictures, The Big Hunt $7,500

The trouble with trophy hunting. An activist wildlife filmmaker investigates the ethics and consequences of trophy hunting and questions humanity’s role in nature.

9.        Damien Eagle Bear, 47 $7,500

47 is a short documentary that explores the complicated relationship between grandfather and grandson as Damien Eagle Bear seeks to better understand his grandfather, Jim Wells an accomplished educator, through the writings he left behind.

10.       Drama Camp Productions, A Cedar Is Life $7,500

Cowichan Archeological Consultant Harold Joe explores how one critical species, the cedar tree, has been and continues to be central to the cultural life of West Coast First Nations.

11.        Dunya Media, Good Food City $7,500

A journey into the people, culture, and history of Vancouver told through the iconic dishes that define its mosaic of immigrant communities

12.        Foreshadow Films, Pelke $7,500

Tyler Pelke survived being sexually assaulted, having his throat slit, and being set on fire. The hard part was finding forgiveness.

13.        Hunkpapa Films, Aagaskoons $7,500

Through celebratory dance, cultural knowledge and science, this documentary will consider the current state of our winged relatives, aagaskoons, or the prairie chicken.

14.        John Dippong, Future Makers $7,200

More than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. Future Makers is a series about front-line innovators leading change in our cities, driving positive climate action and addressing the next-normal in a post COVID-19 world.

15.        Josephine Anderson, Curl Power $7,500

In this coming-of-age documentary, five girls on a curling team pursue their dream of becoming champions, while navigating teenagehood.

16.       Katy Tooth, The Lie Detectors $7,500

This documentary will investigate how a new generation of Artificially Intelligent, ‘fool-proof’ lie detectors could radically refine our relationship with the truth. 

17.       Keredfilms, Family Bakery $7,500

Exploring the diverse cultures of Vancouver through the humble bakery, filmmaker Derek Kwan visits with various bakers who share their stories.

18.        Lantern Films, In the Wake $7,500

In the wake of the damming of the Nechako River and a looming court decision, two Chiefs form an unlikely alliance to rebuild their communities.

19.        Marie Clements Media, Reclaim My Skin $7,500

A feature documentary reclaiming Indigenous Women’s history and authority in North America.

20.        Meditating Bunny Studio, International Rocketship $7,500

The untold story of how an animation outlaw and his renegade band of ragtag animators helped build Vancouver into one of the greatest animation cities in the world.

21.        On The Creek Films, In Search of the Lesbian Nation $7,500

Two vintage lesbians ride the rails, coast to coast, looking for evidence of a once thriving culture. Is the lesbian nation really dying? Hop on the train and find out!

22.        RealWorld Media, Muddy Waters $7,500

A remarkable team of Manitoba Chiefs and Mayors team up to reconcile their past and save the one lake they all rely on, “Muddy Waters”.

23.        Romer Media, Artifact Mysteries $7,500

Artifact Mysteries uncovers the hidden stories behind some of the worlds most revered Indigenous artifacts.

24.        Screen Siren Pictures, How to Solve Your Own Problems $7,500

How to Solve Your Own Problems is a feature documentary odyssey about plastic and how we can address the problem of plastic pollution in our own back yard.

25.       Seawolf Productions, Sacred Indigenous Sites $7,500

Indigenous communities and cultural ambassadors restore and revitalize their ancestral knowledge and culture by sharing stories and oral histories that connect them to the land, waters, and sea.

26.       Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society, Emergence: Out of the      Shadows $7,500

Explore the taboo topic of being gay and lesbian in the South Asian community of Metro Vancouver. Kayden tells a poignant story of family rejection and self-discovery while embracing his newfound family and life.

27.       SILO Entertainment, The Manus Four $7,500

The story of four men who fled tyrannical lands, they were captured, imprisoned and tortured by an immoral authority, now liberated they are in pursuit of justice and freedom.

28.       Silverlight Entertainment, #Generation:Ocean $7,500

A global adventure to meet the world’s youngest ocean influencers and uncover the magic oceans hold to create real life heroes.

29.       Taxam Films, The Last Totem $7,500

The Last Totem follows master carver Carey Newman as he pioneers new tech to continue his craft in the face of dire environmental impacts and criticism.

30.        Tohkapi Cinema, The Art of (the) Warrior $7,500

A POV documentary that explores how several Indigenous male artists, (a musician, a painter and a filmmaker) are using creativity in their medium to help heal the wounds and scars of colonization.

31.       Wapanatahk Media, Trafficked: Saving Canada’s Sex Slaves $7,500

A 6 x 60-minute documentary series exploring the alarming home-grown sex trafficking crisis in Canada, told from the perspective of the victims themselves and a small group of civilian warriors who are determined to stamp it out.

32.       Whitehall Entertainment Incorporated, Beyond the Podium: Celebrating Canadian Women Champions $7,500

Women filmmakers celebrate the inspiring achievements of Canada’s women Olympic and Paralympic champions from Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Games.

33.        291 Film Company, Bats $7,500

As an imminent threat to bat survival approaches British Columbia, bat supporters and scientists in the province search for solutions they hope will save them.

For more information on the Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC Documentary and Factual Development Fund visit Creative BC’s website–factual-development-fund



Honourable Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture and Responsible for Sport and Multiculturalism
“By supporting projects right at the start, we’re telling B.C. filmmakers we believe in you, we believe in your story. As part of Reel Focus BC, this funding is key to helping local creators get their project off the ground. This innovative partnership highlights the strength of documentary filmmaking here in B.C.”

Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC
“Creative BC and Rogers have strategically invested into thirty-three domestic creators of documentary and factual content.  This increases their competitiveness at a time of strong opportunity for these genres—it supports the creation of high quality pitches to broadcasters and streamers, all of which are seeking content for increasingly demanding consumers.”

Robin Mirsky, Executive Director, Rogers Group of Funds
“We are incredibly excited to partner with Creative BC as our first provincial partnership to create more opportunities for filmmakers in British Columbia. Creative BC is known for empowering content creators across the province, and this fund will support directors and producers at such an incredibly important stage of development. British Columbia has a wealth of creativity and passion for film, and we are honoured to support these committed filmmakers as they launch their projects.”


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Since 1980, the Rogers Group of Funds has supported Canada’s independent film and television producers with more than $600 million through three different types of funding. Rogers Telefund offers loans to Canadian independent producers; Rogers Documentary Fund, Canada’s premier source of funding for documentary films; and Rogers Cable Network Fund, an equity investor in Canadian programs with a first play on a Canadian cable channel. Three different types of financing. Three different funds.  All from one source – Rogers.