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Tommy West

Aug 8, 2020 | Funding Recipient

"All of Tommy's songs are uncontrived; their sincerity believable. They're what sets him apart." said Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province music columnist who wrote a review of Tommy West on January 29, 2017.

Tommy West is proud to release 'Perfect Holiday' as his 2nd single to Country Radio on May 29, 2017. Less than a year ago Tommy committed to a music career and is moving forward, "Tommy West is thinking big and moving fast." said Tom Harrison from The Vancouver Province. An EP will be released within 2017.

Tommy's sound mixes Garth Books, Zac Brown, Darius Rucker and with just the right touch of Jimmy Buffet. He has recently been busy in the studio working with Tom McKillip, "one of the most sought after and talented producer/musicians on the Canadian Country Music scene." (Merritt Herald).

About the music:
"'Test of Time' is a song I wrote that represents my father's gratitude for his long life and successful marriage. My parents are wonderful role models for me… 'Perfect Holiday' is inspired by my love of sailing in the Salish Sea and cruising throughout the Coastal islands."

Creative BC is proud to support Tommy West as part of the BC Music Fund’s Sound Recording Program.