Vancouver Parks Board passes motion for Gas and Diesel Generator Pollution Elimination Strategy.

On June 24th, 2019, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation unanimously passed a motion introduced by Commissioner Dumont to develop a strategy to eliminate the need for gas and diesel powered generators from the Vancouver Parks and Recreation system by providing more electrical infrastructure. The strategy will be inclusive of Park Board operations, contracted partners, and all others within the system, which therefore includes film industry operations. 

Initially, one of the largest barriers to the motion was the thought that the film industry, a major stakeholder and huge user of diesel generators in Vancouver’s parks, would not support the transition to grid tie-ins—but this is not the case. Leaders within our industry, including producers, location managers, and the Reel Green Advisory Committee, came together to rally support and sent letters to ensure that the Board understood the industry’s enthusiastic support for electrical infrastructure. 

Creating permanent electrical tie-in options in our city’s parks will greatly enhance Vancouver as a filming destination, and the industry welcomes the passing of this motion as a bold step toward creating a more sustainable motion picture industry here in Vancouver, and we hope that other jurisdictions will follow suit.