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North American College and Community Chart

Nov 2, 2020 | Funding Recipient

The North American College and Community Chart (NACC) is a BC based initiative that charts airplay at the College and Non-Commercial radio formats across Canada and the US.

Launched in late 2016, NACC gradually grew their list of subscribing stations by individual outreach. With a goal to combine airplay data from both sides of the border, NACC’s numbers reflected a wider sample size than previous charting entities.

NACC’s new and modernized reporting structure was designed to make the process easier for both radio stations as well as the labels and promoters who are delivering records for airplay every week.  NACC’s website is consistently evolving from a programming and technical standpoint in an effort to add new features and options for those in the industry.

Since inception, NACC has put a focus on providing greater opportunities for BC and Canadian artists to have their successes at College radio reflected in a larger chart which will provide enhanced exposure for them and their releases.

As of Winter 2018 NACC is currently processing over 800 individual station charts per week and outputting the following: National Top 200, Non-Comm, NACC Next, Electronic, Heavy, Hip Hop. Jazz, Folk, World, and New Age.

This project was supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.