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Arlette Alcock

Jan 10, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Arlette Alcock is an award-winning Métis singer and songwriter. Arlette’s powerful songs are inspired by her heritage as well as the social, environmental and political climate that affects us all. Supported by Creative BC's Career Development program, Arlette is working to release her new 5 song EP titled Midnight Mass Graves, with Bohemian-Métis musician and producer Janet Panic

Descendant of the Little Black Bear Cree and Pine Creek Saulteaux (Anishinaabe) tribes, her music stands out in its bold deliverance and her ongoing quest for peace, equality and justice. Her debut album Tribe of One has been featured on APTN, CBC Radio and is played daily on Northern Native Broadcasting.

Following the release of her second album, Wolfgirl, Arlette won Songwriter of the Year at the 2008 Native E Music Awards in New Mexico. She has been a featured performer at the Night Hawk Aboriginal Music Festival, Celebration Metis, International Aboriginal Day, Missing Women's March, and Oppenheimer Park Christmas Celebration in Vancouver. 

"My music has been hand selected to be played world wide, by Apple Music executives and major global Sirius radio," stated Arlette. The featured EP single "Midnight Mass Graves" is now available on streaming platforms.