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Make A Music Video With WebVR (Part 2)

Mar 11, 2021 | News

This workshop will include guest speakers Kiran Bhumber and Quinn Brander. Students will learn about non-linear immersive storytelling and spatial audio design. This will be the 2 out of 2 workshops focused on creating a 30s-1min music video using the online program A-Frame.
What is VR? It refers to a computer-generated simulation where a person can be completely immersed in a 3D environment.
Have you ever wondered about how a virtual reality environment is created online? Try out this online workshop using A-Frame. In this workshop students will be given an introduction to Virtual Reality, and get the chance to learn the basics on how to build an immersive environment through web VR and an introduction to sound design for immersive experiences.
We hope to see you at this immersive learning experience!
Ideally attended Part 1 of this workshop to learn the basic skills to HTML using A-frame.
Download and install a Da Vinci Resolve
Access to Wi-fi Internet, computer/laptop, and a webcam.