Sustainable Lockup is a local, Vancouver organization that helps productions divert waste through a warehouse donation program. In 2018 they’ve had some impressive stats in terms the amount of waste they’ve saved from being put into the landfill!

Sustainable Lockup has been impacting the Vancouver film industry and our environment! Not only do they take used set materials, props, costuming, and provide them to other productions and non-profits, they also sponsor a food donation program!

In 2018 alone Sustainable Lockup donated 6282 meals to local people in need. This food was donated from Catering, craft service & offices from productions around the Greater Vancouver area. 100% perfectly untouched, edible food that would have ended up in the waste. This equates to a total of 8167 lbs of food. Overall, this diversion saved an estimated 6200 lbs of Co2 emissions!

Sustainable Lockup also facilitated 86 one-tonne trucks worth of material in 2018 which translates to a total of 172,000 lbs of materials that came through their facility and was donated out to community groups, non-profits, and other productions! It’s also 172,000 lbs of materials that are not in the landfill.

Part of these impressive numbers was 117 lbs of personal products donated to those in need. 

All of this was achieved by working with 7 shows across the lower mainland. Imagine the positive impact on the environment, on those in need, and to local artists and non-profits if more shows got on board with donating to Sustainable Lockup!

Sustainable Lockup is a joint partnership between Keep it Green Recycling and Green Spark Group