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Apr 4, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Kapok is a Mayan-Canadian hip hop artist, raised in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver. Kapok finds passion in struggle and draws strength from his diverse background.

With the support of Creative BC's Vancouver Music Fund Music Video program, Kapok will be creating a music video with filmmaker Rana Sowdaey. The video's theme focuses on identity, where Kapok confronts his two spirits: his Vancouver city spirit and Mayan spirit. 


“As an Independent artist I have always had to work within the scope of my means and certain limitations. Through the Vancouver Music Fund I will be able to see what happens when these limitations are dissolved and I am free to be creative well outside of my bounds,” said Kapok.

“We all want to find good music but it’s hard for musicians to stand out and to connect to audiences in new way, this funding will help us get that for Kapok,” said filmmaker Rana Sowdaey. “Supporting his narrative and getting his music shared through this video means supporting an interesting and unique voice within Vancouver's music scene. Plus, it’s a relief to get support to do that from organizations in our hometown.”