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New Reel Green Sustainability Lead announced to support Strategic Plan 2021-24

Apr 22, 2021 | News

Reel GreenTM has evolved since its grass roots inception in 2006 to become a national leader and champion of environmental sustainability for the motion picture industry in Canada. Its first strategic plan was defined in 2016 with the expertise of Zena Harris of the Green Spark Group and the investment of many industry partners to deliver on its pillars of education, engagement, communication and resources.

The first plan delivered Carbon Literacy Training, a Carbon Calculator for Canada (adapted from the BAFTA UK’s albert), Reel Green partnerships nationally with Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, and a strong base of trained crew members among B.C.’s production workforce to champion and embed the values and commitments needed to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

The new Strategic Plan and Reel Green Advisory Committee decision to establish a full-time position within the provincial film commission at Creative BC reflect industry’s long-term vision and goals outlined in the plan including:

  1. Service to help transform the industry – ensuring continued efforts in training, production support, community building, partnership and collaboration, policy and importantly, integration of Reel Green into all planning, relationships and activities of the provincial film commission
  2. Zero Greenhouse Emissions – driving use of the carbon calculator on productions for measurement of emissions, built environment support through clean power committee leadership, and clean energy collaboration with municipal partners such as Metro Vancouver
  3. Circular Economy – the Reel Green Sustainability Lead will work with industry, vendors and suppliers to support methods that prioritize materials reuse by providing circular material management template and tools to department heads, and connect productions with green vendors and supply chain options.

The Reel Green Sustainability Lead will report to the B.C. Film Commissioner and Director of Production Services at Creative BC, taking on responsibility for chairing the Reel Green Advisory Committee and supporting its momentum and ongoing commitment to industry transformation. Leading Reel Green’s next chapter, this role will bring collaboration, delivery and services together at Creative BC toward measurable uptake, reporting and increasing participation by industry in Reel Green’s vision. The move toward a full-time position inside the provincial film commission integrates industry with service and relates Reel Green’s strategy and governance to the municipal, provincial, national and international networks and partnerships at Creative BC.

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